Discover your unique Decorating DNA and create a home that you can be PROUD of. 


Introducing the Decorating DNA Masterclass


The Decorating DNA Masterclass is a self-guided, step-by-step video course for busy, successful people that helps you decorate WITH confidence and without anxiety about costly mistakes or obsessing about where to begin.


Inside the course hub, you gain instant access to all of the in-depth videos, as well as downloadable content, so you can start decorating a home that you love, regardless of your past experience or design knowledge. 


You'll learn the full art and science of decorating with confidence that no one ever shares on blogs or HGTV.



Lois retired 15 years ahead of schedule from her successful career as a fashion entrepreneur.
With the option to live anywhere in the world, she began exploring the idea of relocating from Manhattan to a smaller, yet equally walkable, city. She chose Washington DC.
Because I had helped her decorate with complete clarity and confidence in Manhattan, when she moved to DC, she was able to leverage her Decorating DNA to made instant decisions and decorate her new place at lightning speed. 
In fact, she loved the Manhattan residence we did together so much that she essentially replicated it in DC.
Once Lois knew what she liked, she was able to complete her DC decoration and renovation 3 weeks ahead of schedule!


Have you ever said this... “I’m so fed up with making mistakes and living like this. I want a roadmap so that I can do this RIGHT moving forward.” 


Well, as Socrates said, “Know thyself!”


Most people jump into decorating a room or an ENTIRE home with NO understanding of what it will feel like to sit in that room, or home, 6 months from now.


We all have a home inside of us that we love.


And you are ready now!




Pamela was raised internationally, was educated in New York, relocated to Los Angeles, and rose quickly to the highest ranks in one America's most iconic Fortune 500 companies.
When it was time to revamp her Virginia home, which she shares with her husband and two dogs, she wanted the very best quality of furnishings, ZERO headaches, and to ensure that everything was done CORRECTLY the first time.     
As an avid traveler, who had lived in LA, NYC, not to mention almost 20 years in India, she had experienced such lavish designs around the world, that she wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to go in. 
Together, our first step was decoding her Decorating DNA. 
Pamela was able to stop over-analyzing the details, the big picture, and follow the step-by-step process to get her Living Room,Dining Room, and Family Room DONE.

Are you seeing what's possible when you know EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY what you like?




What does the Decorating DNA Masterclass look like?


Video 1:

Welcome to the Masterclass!

Video 2:

Defining Decorating DNA


Video 3:

Decoding the "D" in DNA

Video 4:

Navigating the "N" in DNA

Video 5:

Aquiring the "A" in DNA

Video 6:

The H.E.A.R.T. in Decorating

Video 7:

Annihilating Decorating Insecurities

Video 8:

Getting Started

Video 9:

Space Planning

Video 10:

Selecting Sofas and Chairs

Video 11:

Selecting Living Room Furnishings

Video 12:

Discovering Your Color Palette

Video 13:

All About Paint

Video 14:

Natural vs. Synthetic Fabrics

Video 15:

Fabric Breakdown

Video 16:

Decorating the Kitchen

Video 17:

Choosing Area Rugs

Video 18:

Mixing Patterns

Video 19:

Lighting Your Space

Video 20:

Styling Accessories

Video 21:

Top Ten Decorating Tips

Are YOU ready to discover YOUR Decorating DNA?


You will figure out:

  • What you are doing.

  • What you really want.

  • Your true design sense.

  • What feels like home.

  • How do I develop clarity so you can make the right decisions.

  • How to stop second-guessing yourself 

And guess what?


You WILL have a home that you love with all your heart! A home that is a reflection of you and your family (NOT other people).


All because you nailed down your Decorating DNA and found you confidence to FOLLOW THROUGH with it.




Yes, I want a home that I love!

Enroll Now!

If you think this sounds overly simple,

that’s GOOD.


Too many decorators

try to justify high prices by

overcomplicating the decorating process.


Decorating should be FUN!


And when you know what you’re going for,

it IS FUN.


When you’re overwhelmed, and you’re frustrated, your budget balloons out of control...

and you find yourself



When you can


and understand who you are

and what you enjoy,

a massive weight is lifted from your shoulders and then decorating does become fun.


Don’t overcomplicate things.


Don’t overthink this!

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I'm inviting you to work with me...

STOP being self-conscious about your decorating skills. 


I’ve heard a variation of these statements countless times before: 

  • I wish I could have had someone hold my hand and guide me through this process.

  • I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

  • I wish I had found you 6 months earlier.

  • I was too proud to admit that I needed help.

  • Damn, I wasted a lot of money!


Don’t make this more difficult than it should be.

I can’t wait to be your Decorating DNA coach!  

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What you'll get:

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to over 4 HOURS of video instruction to help you decorate your home with confidence
  • Your very own downloadable copy of my book, Confidence!: Decoding Your Decorating DNA
  • Access to THE EXCLUSIVE Members-Only Decorating DNA Facebook Group

"Remember, you can do this!"