Quickly Understand Your Own Unique Style with My New Book!

CONFIDENCE!: Decoding Your Decorating DNA

In Confidence! Decoding Your Decorating DNA, you determine your Decorating DNA with guidance through a simple, straightforward formula. The “D” in Decorating DNA is for Descriptor, the adjective articulating how you want to feel in a space. “N” is for Narrative, way that you want to tell your decorating story, either new-school or old-school. And “A” is for Approach to design – which of the 21 approaches will resonate with you? As you gaze at the photographs, read the descriptions and think about your reactions, chances are the decorating approach that is right for you – your Decorating DNA – will materialize. Once you know it, chances are you will be able to make better decisions to pull your dream space together. 

Let's Face It... the Anticipation of Decorating is Often More Exciting than the Actual Process!

Perhaps you can relate.  Making endless decorating decisions and spending a lot of time and money on decorating projects can be daunting - perhaps even completely overwhelming.  I know the reason for this.  It's that no one knows their own style.   Finally, there is a short and simple way to discover what your true design style actually is.  My little book, entitled CONFIDENCE: Decoding Your Decorating DNA is all you need to get started on the correct path towards knowing your individual style.  

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What's Inside...

  • Decorating DNA in Action (Case Study)

  • Descriptors

  • Narratives

  • Approaches 

  • Your Decorating DNA Decoded

  • The HEART Process

"I'm delighted Sarah has written a book to help frame how we think about interiors, and more important, to provide readers with a distinct and straightforward collection of words and images for their reference - their Decorating DNA!"


Mara Miller
Co-Principal of Carrier and Company Interiors
Co-Author of Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors
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