12 Absolutely Exhilarating Outdoor Shower Ideas

Hi there! This is Sarah from 702 Park Project, here with my August design feature. More and more, we see people moving their lives outside. We cook outside, we dine outside, we entertain outside. So why not shower outside?

Outdoor showers always make me think of my Dad. When I was growing up, my family rented a house at the beach for a week each summer, and my Dad refused to shower inside. Why track sand and salt through the house when you could leave it all outside? And if you can wash the kids and pets out there, even better!

Fast-fowarding to the present, I asked my Dad why he loves an outdoor shower so much. This is what he says: “The best outdoor shower experience comes after being on the beach all day in the middle of the summer.  You walk back to the cottage, sandy, hot, tan, and happy, and there is just something especially soothing about hopping in an outdoor shower, running with lukewarm or even cool water and scrubbing all the grit, sunscreen, sand and salt off of your body.  The best part is the cool ocean breeze that greets you after you’ve cleaned up and step out of the outdoor shower. Nothing like it.  Nothing more refreshing.”

But bathing al fresco isn’t just for the beach. Who wouldn’t love to rinse off with a beautiful mountain view? Outdoor showers have come a long way from the modest cinder block stall your grandparents had at their beach timeshare. These luxurious spaces have become a typical addition to smart houses and idea houses around the country. Here are just a few of my favorites.

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