How I went from an interior design student at Parsons, studying and working like crazy to make it in New York City, the busiest and most competitive design market in the world… to owning my own business as an interior designer and design influencer with online content viewed by 2.5 Million  people/month, a top 50 design blog, high-net worth clients, and a published design book that helps people decorate with confidence around the world.

Before the features as a lifestyle expert on Elle Décor and House Beautiful. Before the best-selling online course. Before the design blog and thousands of loyal subscribers. Before consulting with Fortune 500 brands like INTEL and Google… there was a young woman who knew she wanted to be an interior designer and loved to help others, but was unsure of herself.

  • Unable to narrow down what I liked.
  • Overwhelmed with so many ideas that it was challenging to choose.
  • Overly concerned that my home needed to be a showplace rather than focusing on what made me happy.
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Celebrities, the Caribbean & a Mountain of Mistakes…

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I didn’t have an easy time decorating my own home. 

While my highlight reel showed me designing homes for celebrities in Manhattan and other high-net-worth individuals across the United States and Caribbean…

The shift to decorating my own place was anything but glamorous.

When I finally did “take the leap,” I was plagued by a chronic case of overwhelm, insecurity, and second-guessing myself that made decorating my home feel a thousand times harder than it should.

And when I finally did start to make decisions and place (non-refundable) orders…

… I quickly realized:

“I don’t even know my own style”

The wasted time and money

was rough.

I didn’t embark on decorating my 6,000sf residence and result in an abode that I could walk through room by room and exclaim “oh my gosh I love this place! I love how I feel in my home and I never want to leave!”

Every small “win” of a decorating decision was marred by an even bigger hit of self-doubt, paralyzing over-analysis, and anxiety.

Long hours spent sourcing and shopping without anything seeming right.

Painful “heart-to-hearts” with my husband , desperately trying to convince him that I was going to get “un-stuck,” start making decisions and pick a decorating direction to go in.

I missed opportunities to host and accommodate friends and family because we had no furniture.

Half-hearted vignettes.

Half-finished rooms.

And a to-do list so long that I never seemed to cross enough off.

And when I finally did select something or decide on a detail:

I realized that I had no idea what my own style was.

Burning myself out with endless options, all of which were beautiful and tasteful, and which gave me the appearance of making progress…

When in reality, I knew that I was simply spinning my wheels and wasting more time, which is money.

So I took a final stand.

I discovered that without knowing our individual style, anyone – including me – can often make wrong choices and expensive mistakes.

Without knowing that style, no one can know what they want, something that prevents them:

  • From getting started

  • From feeling at home

  • From decorating with confidence

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And after all this

sunk in…

Sarah Baynes

I realized that I needed a blueprint.

To cut through the noise in my head,

I had to decipher my own aesthetic.


From that process I eventually created a formula that I call

Decorating DNA,

which I now offer as an aid to you.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping so many clients and people like you sidestep years of struggle and decorate with confidence.


Decode your DNA.

Over two decades,

I’ve developed a reputation

for helping people decorate with confidence.

Not telling them what they “should” like or “should” want for their home…

But guiding them through a proven formula that gives them the confidence to decorate a home as unique as they are, independent of whether they do it themselves or collaborate with a decorator.

I’ve coached people

not only how to “DIY” but how to DO IT BETTER than that decorator who quoted you

half your annual salary

to outfit ONE room.

Sarah Baynes Decorating DNA

I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know.

I teach what I’ve personally done to decode my Decorating DNA – a process I excelled at doing for clients, but that I wasn’t able to blueprint until I did it for myself. 

If you like what you’re reading and want to get started with my free resources right away,

check out my FREE introductory Video Series “30-Days of Decorating DNA”»


Are you ready

to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps to decorate with confidence?

I know you’re ready to do the work.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’re fed up with not feeling at home in your own home.

That’s why you’re tired of making decorating mistakes.

That’s why you’ve invested REAL hours and real dollars trying to make your place look the way you know it CAN and SHOULD.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work – you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work in the RIGHT way.

And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100x.

A Little About Me

  • Embarrassingly attached to my Border Collie, Bandit.

  • Author of Confidence! Decoding Your Decorating DNA (required reading before starting any decorating endeavor)

  • Can be found listening to, singing along with, and often dancing to every genre of 90s music.

  • Named year after year as one of the Top 50 Interior Design Bloggers.

  • Unable to get enough of Film Noire and Classic cinema.

Sarah Baynes Decorating DNA

“As I know from my journey, and from helping so many clients, there is no better feeling than the confidence you gain from decoding your Decorating DNA.”


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